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CAL is launching the CAL Cool temperature controlled transportation

CAL Cool, is designed for controlled refrigerated transportation of many kinds of merchandise such as food products, agricultural and perishable products, as well as sensitive electronic and pharmaceutical products
09.07.13 / 00:00
Ofer Gilboa with Minister Katz
Ofer Gilboa with Minister Katz

In the framework of the PORT2PORT Conference held a few weeks ago in Tel-Aviv, the CAL Group unveiled an innovative product for controlled temperature transporting of food, agricultural products and other perishable products, as well as sensitive electronic and pharmaceutical products.

The CAL Group is currently launching an innovative product that had first been made public at the 2013 PORT2PORT Conference. The new product for temperature controlled transportation, the CAL Cool, is designed for controlled refrigerated transportation of many kinds of merchandise from a variety of fields and different branches such as food products, agricultural products, and other perishable products, as well as sensitive electronic and pharmaceutical products, e.g. medicines, vaccinations, and other medical products that must be transported while maintaining a defined temperature range.

Ofer Gilboa, CAL Chairman stated “the increasing necessity for solutions for transporting temperature cooled cargo brought the Group to focus on strengthening and upgrading the logistic ability and knowledge on the subject, including lining up with the global standards and CAL Cool provides an appropriate answer for this”.

Rami Marom, VP Ground Operations & COO, pointed out that CAL Cool has been developed in order to find an appropriate answer for all the various categories, and the new product brings to a conclusion the thinking and learning process of more than a year.

The product itself comprises three categories:

  • CAL Cool FRESH – designated for transporting shipments sensitive to temperature, e.g. flowers, fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and other food items requiring transportation and storage with controlled temperature. During all the chain of refrigerating the merchandise is protected against extreme weather conditions.
  • CAL Cool PHARMA – designated for handling sensitive medical products wrapped in advance with the aim of maintaining the range of desired temperature. The merchandise is wrapped in passive wrapping systems, e.g. thermal blankets, freezer boxes and dry ice.
  • CAL Cool ACTIVE – designated for transporting especially sensitive merchandise, requiring active wrapping for controlling temperature. This solution is ideal for medical products of high money value, especially sensitive to the duration of transportation and to temperature. In the framework of this solution there are various types of containers with the technology of dry ice and electrical systems for controlling temperature, according to the specific requirements of the various products.

According to previous publications, at the beginning of February 2013 CAL was authorized with a QEP standard by the Swedish Envirotainer Company for (in its full name – Qualified Envirotainer Provider) thus becoming an authorized operator of Envirotainer containers. The authorization, the first of its type for an Israeli company and the eighth among all the airline companies in the world, places CAL in the front line of transporting temperature controlled cargoes.

CAL schedules currently include between 6 to 8 flights weekly on the route TLV-LGG-TLV, and daily cargo flights to the U.S.A. The Company operates one weekly flight to JFK in one of the 747-200 aircraft at its disposal, and five times a week operates a flight between LGG to JFK and back in a 777 cargo aircraft, with half of its cargo capacity allotted to CAL enroute to Israel, CAL lands twice a week in Larnaca, Cyprus as part of cooperation with Cyprus airways. Over and above the regular operations, another field of specialization of the Company is operating charter flights to destinations worldwide. The company holds today 38% of the freighter market in Israel and 22% of the general air cargo market.