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IAI unveils civil aviation Cyber Security Solutions

The solutions aimed at securing the full range of cyber threats including ground, air traffic, avionics and other on-board systems
21.02.16 / 11:08
IAI unveils civil aviation Cyber Security Solutions
IAI unveils civil aviation Cyber Security Solutions

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) reveals new Civil Aviation Cyber Security solutions aimed at securing the full range of cyber threats including ground, air traffic, avionics and other on-board systems.


Most cyber offerings rely nearly entirely on protection of IT networks. However, these cyber offerings are lacking with regard to airports, airlines, and aircraft manufacturers and aircrafts, which comprise of IT networks alongside proprietary mission critical systems (MSC) and industrial control systems (ICS). Building on its decades of expertise in the domains of civil aviation coupled with state of the art technologies in the cyber domain, IAI offers a unified, state of the art cyber protection suite for the civil aviation industry, including IT networks, Mission Critical Systems (MCS) and Industrial Control Systems (ICS).


IAI's holistic approach views the civil aviation cyber environment as an eco-system including airports, airlines, aircraft manufacturers, and the aircraft itself. IAI's cyber protection suite comprises of three complementing capabilities - A Cyber Hardening suite, consisting of best of breed IT security components, alongside dedicated hardening, patching and configuration management of the mission critical systems and components.


An Early Warning and Situational Awareness Layer, consisting of advanced data collection and anomaly detection capabilities. This Layer is fed information from all partners in the Civil Aviation eco-system. Additional information is obtained by a proprietary threat intelligence collection system that makes use of all available sources of information including open, dark and deep web, dedicated feeds, and ad hock sources. The collected information is fed into IAI's advanced algorithm capabilities for analyzing the large amount of collected data from a large number of sources, anomaly detection and active defense capabilities (such as honeypots), in order to achieve Cyber Situational Awareness.

Finally, a forensics suite, comprising state-of-the art cyber forensics capabilities, alongside a a state of the art, dedicated Cyber Simulation Lab, capabilities for simulated penetration testing and the option for an in-house forensic laboratory. "We offer the best and finest cyber eco-system and innovation", says Nissim Hadas, IAI's Corporate Vice President and President of ELTA Systems. "Our integrated approach for cyber security of modern civil aviation environements can protect the airports, airlines and aircrafts of today, and is prepared to meet the challenges of the future".