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Agrexco to double export of premium pomegranate

The company will export 6500 tonnes of premium pomegranates bearing the brand name CARMEL
01.09.09 / 00:00
Agrexco to double export of premium pomegranate
Agrexco to double export of premium pomegranate

The company will export 6500 tonnes of premium pomegranates bearing the brand name CARMEL
Agrexco is doubling its pomegranate export to 6500 tonnes of premium pomegranates bearing the prestigious brand name "CARMEL" are expected to be exported.
This export season, starting in mid-August, ending in March 2010, will mark an impressive increase in the volume of exported pomegranates, a total of 10 million extra fresh and extra healthy pomegranates.
Agrexco has marked a continuous increase in the demand for first-class pomegranates, resulting from today's awareness of its nutritious benefits, proven through numerous researches. In the last couple of years, growers were encouraged to plant more and more top class pomegranate varieties, bearing, this year, premium fruit fit to be exported.
Bezalel Madmon, product manager in Agrexco said in a press release that "Christmas is expected to mark a peak in demand and we are continuing the tradition we have started last year, offering an individual huge pomegranate, packed in an attractive, stylized pomegranate "purse”.
"Bearing in mind the pomegranates nutritious and health attributes," he added, "we have increased our export of peeled and separated pomegranate arils, which make them a perfect health snack, an excellent addition to any fruit or vegetable salad and an interesting garnish for desserts and ice cream dishes”.
Every tree and every fruit is treated individually and manually in order to make sure that the "King of the Fruits" is indeed a majestic fruit.
The treatment techniques include, among others, manual tying of branches, heavy laden with fruit and dilution of fruits to assure better quality, preventing infection resulting from contact.
"Customers appreciate the high standards of the CARMEL pomegranates," says Bezalel Madmon, "and because of their superior qualities in terms of taste, size and colour, they are exported even to countries where pomegranates are grown."
Pomegranates are mainly exported to Europe - Russia, Italy, France, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain however, they also travel a long distance to reach their eager customers in the Far East and South Africa.
Once picked up from the tree, the pomegranates are packed in special bags with modified atmosphere, similar to their natural environment.
The result of the meticulous growth procedures and strict handling is an extra healthy and extra tasty pomegranate.