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Maman Group Signs an agreement with P.S Bedi in India

Will establish Jointly held Logistics Company. The first project - establishment of an archive in New Delhi with an investment of NIS 6 million
28.12.09 / 00:00
Moti Levin
Moti Levin

Will establish Jointly held Logistics Company. The first project - establishment of an archive in New Delhi with an investment of NIS 6 million
Maman Group signed an agreement for the establishment of a jointly held logistics company in India with a leading local group, P.S. Bedi, active in distribution, forwarding, real estate, hoteliery and marketing.
This constitutes another step by the Maman Group in expanding its activities outside Israel, and the Group plans to provide the range of services in which it has specialized for decades in the Indian market as well.
The joint company's first project will include the establishment of an archive in New Delhi, involving an investment of NIS 6 million.
Through its subsidiary Archive 2000, Maman possesses great experience and a strong reputation in archiving, and aims to lead in the implementation of advanced solutions in this sphere in the Indian market.
In this framework, last month the Group's CEO and Archive 2000 chairman, Motti Levin, and Archive 2000's CEO, Irit Filipowicz, led a seminar on the subject of archiving sponsored by the Indian PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
The seminar exposed participants to the methodology applied by Maman and Archive 2000 as suppliers of external archiving and accompanying services. The seminar emphasized the need for professionalism and the importance of privatizing the archiving business.
Motti Levin, CEO of Maman Group, referred to the agreement, saying, "Maman is proud to join forces with P.S. Bedi, a leading Indian company that is well-known to Israeli industries. Through the joint company, we plan to offer the Indian market the range ofthe Maman Group's existing capabilities, logistic added-value services, loss prevention, terminal management and more.
“The choice of the archiving industry as our first venture is the result of the unique characteristics of the business, which is a combination on the highest of levels of logistics, software and warehouse management. This is another, lateral phase in the process of expanding Maman Group's business”.