PORT2PORT Website is Expanding

PORT2PORT Website is Expanding

PORT2PORT have recently launched a new Arabic-language site intended for the Palestinian importers and exporters operating in West bank and Gaza. The URL is: www.port2port.ps
11.04.14 / 11:13
PORT2PORT Website is Expanding
PORT2PORT Website is Expanding

PORTPORT has launched a new website, in Arabic, for the benefit of Palestinian traders. The URL is: www.port2port.ps 


As we know, Palestinian importers and exporters rely fully on logistics services provided by Israelis and Israeli authorities, including Customs and the Israel Standards Institute and of course the sea and air ports, until the cargo arrives to its final West Bank destinations.


PORT2PORT site has been operating for many years and is now a platform for news and information for many thousands importers and exporters in Israel. Doron Geva , CEO PORT2PORT added : "The ability of a PORT2PORT to coordinate the latest most updated  information on a daily basis on the one hand, and the growing need of general Palestinian traders to be exposed to updated information in Arabic and to advance their ability in trade, have led us to make a decision to start a website used by Palestinian customers as well as the providers of logistics services from Israel. "


The activities of the Palestinian website at www.port2port.ps will be headed by Sawsan Abassi who is customs agent by profession and has many years’ experience in the field.


At first, the new site offers all kinds of information available today in Hebrew site, including news stories, updated sailing schedule, conversion calculators and currency rates, work plans of ports of Haifa and Ashdod . In the coming days the Arabic site wishes to distribute daily newsletter to thousands of merchants all over the West Bank and Gaza. Signing up for the daily newsletter will be free of charge. In coming months the website will advance by having a freight forwarding portal to serve the Palestinians freight forwarding needs.


Next, site managers intend to bring unique content translated into Arabic for the benefit of Palestinian traders.


In addition, the site in its current form offers options for advertising and marketing service providers who wish to be exposed to the Israeli Palestinian clientele.


For more information contact the Site Director, Sawsan Abassi, email sawsan@port2port.ps .


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