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Update date: 07.04.2020
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Sole agency agreement between Ortodossi and Kislev

Ortodossi S.R.L. and Kislev Forwarding and Trade, have started a sole agency cooperation this week
02.02.06 / 00:00
Mr. Greenberg. Kislev CEO
Mr. Greenberg. Kislev CEO

Ortodossi S.R.L. and Kislev Forwarding and Trade, have started a sole agency cooperation this week
Ortodossi, a leading Italian forwarder, has more than 20 years of experience in the Israeli market. Ortodossi owns two major warehouses, one a container dock with special loading equipment, heavy duty forklift and a fully equipped warehouse on the same premises where the groupage containers are built to the Levant.
In addition, Ortodossi owns a separate warehouse which is divided into free sections, bonded storage and a logistics parts, where special services are rendered such as labelling, distribution, and packaging. Ortodossi provides for inhouse custom services and has the ability to provide for temporary import and export documentation.
Moreover, Ortodossi owns a network of trucks, which carry both loose cargo and containers, distributed all over Europe. The unique location, ten minutes from Malpense airport, enables Ortodossi to quickly react to international flights, special demands with regards to groupage containters and services.
Ortodossi uses both Genoa and Venice seaports for its groupage containers, and containers are being closed at least twice a week. For full containers, Ortodossi provides services from any port in Italy.
The good relations Maurizio Ortodossi maintains with the leading shippinglines and airlines, allows Ortodossi SRL to provide for first class service in both air and seafreight. Ortodossi is able to handle any kind of drop shipments from anywhere in the world to any destination the Israeli client desires, through its excellent international network provided GDT.
Mr Maurizio Ortodossi received various offers for cooperation from Israeli forwarders, however, he choose to work with Kislev Forwarding and Trade.
Kislev is a leading Israeli forwarder, providing door to door service for import and export. It is very well established with a strong world wide network of agents. Kislev, with its head office in the Northern Industrial Zone Lod, and its privately owned offices in the Israeli ports, has recently extended its range of services to Nitzanim border crossing which services Egypt, and the Sheich Hussein border crossing which services import and export from and to Jordan. In addition, a special division within Kislev, called Orange Line, has become a major provider for service with regards to exhibitions and special projects. 
Kislev has its own trucks and logistics warehouse, and is able to fully service any needs of its clients. Both Mr Maurizio Ortodossi and Zvika Greenberg, owner of Kislev, expressed optimism and determination to maintain and increase its leading position in the Israeli-Italian market.