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Update date: 23.01.2020
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Sonigo, Israel: June has been the most cultured month in Israel in the last decade

Sonigo UTS UNIGROUP managed the logistic chain for several international events, handling 195 tons which moved into Israel by air and over 60 marine containers
03.07.06 / 00:00
Sting with crew members
Sting with crew members

Sonigo UTS UNIGROUP managed the logistic chain for several international events, handling 195 tons which moved into Israel by air and over 60 marine containers
Nearly six years of bloody violence with the Palestinians has left Israel as a pariah in the international concert circuit, shunned by top performers who, in the past, had regularly flocked to its eclectic musical fan base.
This summer marks a revival. Besides Sting, Israel plays host to the Black Eyed Peas, Pink Floyd's Roger Waters & Ziggy Marley. Sonigo UTS UNIGROUP was lucky enough to managed, during June, the logistic chain for several international events, handling 195 tons which moved into Israel by air and over 60 marine containers.
Early last June Sonigo UTS UNIGROUP acted as the logistic arm for the French pyrotechnic giant Groupe F which lit up the southern section of Tel Aviv's promenade with what was advertised as one of the biggest fireworks displays ever, anywhere. The fireworks were launched from a specially-built raft a mile off the southern Tel Aviv shore.
An estimated 250,000 people gathered on the Tel Aviv beachfront to watch the 20-minute display.
Sonigo UTS UNIGROUP loaded the raft at the port of Haifa overcoming mountains of Bureaucratic barriers and tow it to the southern Tel Aviv shore.
In the same week the company provided full range of logistic services to the Israel Festival, a celebration of performing arts from around the world. Israel Festival is the major international cultural event in the country that brings together some of the best theatre, dance, opera and classical music performances.
Sonigo UTS UNIGROUP Handled on their behalf the following shows:
The Maly Theater which is one of the most successful and highly sought after
 theater companies in the world. The company presented its acclaimed
 production of Chekhov’s “Uncle Vanya”.
Ballet Marseille - contemporary dance scene under the direction of Belgian
 choreographer Frederic Flamand.
Jamie Adkins, star of Cirque Eloize, came to Israel with his amazing new
 performance created for Theater T & Co, which he established in 2004.
 Adkins demonstrates his breathtaking acrobatic skills and comic antics
 reminiscent of Charlie Chaplin, as the protagonist of the show attempts to
 come up with ideas for a new show. uilt and designed the stage set.
Mabou Mines which performed their innovative adaptation of Ibsen’s ‘A
 Doll’s House’ to commemorate the centenary of Ibsen’s death. Mabou Mines
 is one of the most important modern theater companies in the world today
Carolyn Carlson ballet. Carolyn Carlson is one of the most highly acclaimed
choreographers in the world..
During the same week Sonigo UTS UNIGROUP handled the Black Eyes Peas headed by Sting who rocked Tel Aviv with a hip-hop extravaganza featuring the quartet's top hits. Some 20,000 frenzied fans sang along with Sting as he yelped out the familiar lyrics to one of his most famous songs. "Whoa, I'm an alien; I'm a legal alien," reverberated throughout Israel's largest stadium, in this suburb of Tel Aviv.
Within the framework of the services provided the company had to unload 18.5 ton from an AN-12 plane At the end of June Sonigo UTS UNIGROUP provide full range of logistic services to the Pink Floyd front man Roger Waters. Waters performed a concert at the Arab-Jewish coexistence village of Neve Shalom on as part of his world tour.Police predict that 45,000 people attended the concert. This time the company unloaded 2 AN-12 planes carrying 30.5 tons. In order to make it operate smoothly the company had tp co-ordinate the supply chain with scores of bodies including the police and security forces as well as sea & air terminals.
Mr. David Sonigo director general of Sonigo UTS UNIGROUP expressed his thanks to the Haifa & airport Customs Authority, The Haifa & Ashdod port companies, Zim lines. MSC Israel, Borchard Lines, GHI, Maman Air Cargo Terminal and Avi Cranes is the largest cranes rental company in Israel and in the Middle East.