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ZIM to launch "ZIM Seven Star Express"service via Suez

The new service will connect South China, South East Asia and the Indian sub-continent with the US East Coast
03.05.15 / 10:27
ZIM to launch "ZIM Seven Star Express"service via Suez
ZIM to launch "ZIM Seven Star Express"service via Suez

ZIM has announced the inauguration of a new express South Asia-US East Coast service, planned to commence on May 29th.


The new service, ZIM Seven Star Express (Z7S) , connecting South China, South East Asia and the Indian sub-continent with the US East Coast via the Suez Canal, will deploy 10X5,000/6,500 TEU vessels on a weekly dule with the following planned rotation: Dachan Bay, Yantian , Cai Mep, Singapore, Colombo, (Suez transit), New York, Savannah, Norfolk, (Suez transit), Singapore, Dachan Bay.


This new service, fully operated by ZIM, offers an extensive port coverage from South China, Vietnam, Singapore, Sri Lanka and the India sub-continent to the US East Coast main ports, delivering best service in terms of transit times and high reliability.


The new service offers the fastest transit time from Vietnam and from Indian ports via Colombo to the US. Z7S also caters for emerging markets in the South Asian region via Singapore and Colombo hubs, offering one of the fastest available connections to New York. Z7S joins our existing network and expands ZIM’s logistics solutions for the Asia-US trade, as part of our strategy.


Rafi Danieli, ZIM President & CEO, said: “The inauguration of the Z7S service marks the New ZIM’s initiative to provide smart and exceptional solutions to our customers. Looking ahead, this new service is an additional phase of ZIM’s strategy striving to respond to customers’ needs, as we have recently done with the “extra loaders” from Asia to the US East Coast; it is a strategy focused on customers’ needs and based on excellence and efficient service. We are certain that it will best serve our customers and strengthen our position on this major trade route. The new line opening coincides with ZIM’s 70th anniversary. We are proud of our legacy, and look ahead with confidence.“