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Update date: 29.03.2020
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Port of Haifa gained AEO accreditation

With this certificate, the Haifa port company is recognized as trustworthy economic operator, offering excellent export and import services with enhanced security
30.05.13 / 00:00
Photo: Verhaftig venizian
Photo: Verhaftig venizian

Port of Haifa, a leading maritime gateway in Israel has been granted the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certificate by the Israeli Customs Directorate.

With this certificate, the Haifa port company is recognized as trustworthy economic operator, offering excellent export and import services with enhanced security.

The Authorized Economic Operator program is a voluntary program for global supply chain security and trade facilitation. The aim of the AEO program is to enhance security through granting recognition to reliable operators and encouraging best practice at all levels in the international supply chain.

AEO is now rapidly being considered a ‘must-have’ capability by customers, leaving any organization who has not achieved accreditation in danger of being omitted from future tender lists.

The program is based on the SAFE Framework of Standards of the World Customs Organization adopted by Israel Customs Directorate in 2005. As part of the program, unified standards for the security, compliance and financial viability of the global supply chain were introduced (record of compliance with customs requirements, internal control system, financial solvency, and security and safety standards, must be satisfied for the accreditation of the certificate. )

The program is operated by the customs and it is based on voluntary participation. That is, companies that are willing to adopt the framework of standards, contribute to the security of the supply chain and trade facilitation. These companies will benefit the facilitation in Israel's foreign trade and in other countries that Israel will sign a mutual agreement with. An important component in supply chain security programs is the mutual recognition based on unified criteria. Customs administrations that sign mutual recognition agreements acknowledge each other's approvals in various programs what reduces the need for security and customs examinations. This will facilitate global trade.

Optimal benefits from the various programs would be achieved by creating a widespread global network of mutual recognition agreements between customs administrations.

The AEO Accreditation certificare has also been awarded to the Haifa port company by Mr. Doron Arbeli head of Israel's Customs Directorate in the presence of Mr. Mendi Zaltzman, CEO Haifa Port Ltd and Mr. Oren Milshtain Acting Chairman of the Board of Directors - Haifa Port Ltd.

Arbeli noted in his words that AEO accreditation recognizes the integrity, security and thorough practices of port of Haifa's operations. The accreditation is internationally recognized mark of quality for businesses involved in the international supply chain. It means that customs procedures are quicker and more efficient as the port is officially recognized and trusted because of its high compliance and security standards.

Arbeli expressed no doubt that the AEO accreditation will benefit Israeli exporters who use the port.